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Indonesia Flag

"Wonderful Indonesia"

Why visit Indonesia?
For the international traveler seeking to enjoy beautiful beaches, birdwatching, coral reefs, culture, gardens, golf, hiking, mountain biking, natural landscape, nature, rafting, rain forest, scuba diving, surfing, temples, volcanoes, and wildlife.

Tumpak Sewu (Coban Sewu), East Java, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Iqbal Nuril Anwar/Pixabay 

At a Glance
  • Souvenirs to Buy: Baskets, batiks, ceramics, cloth, coffee, handbags, hand painted sarongs, handwoven cloth, jasmine tea, leather goods, paintings, porcelain, silver, tin art, and wood carvings. 
  • Local Cuisine to Try: Ayam Goreng (fried chicken). Bebek Betutu (duck). Botok Tawon (bee larvae). Gado Gado (salad). Gudeg (stewed jackfruit).  Ikan Bakar (grilled fish). Nasi Timbel (wrapped rice). Sayur Asem (vegetable soup). Se'i Babi (smoked meat). Siomay (steamed fish). Sop Saudara (spicy soup). Soto (soup). Tumpeng (rice dish). 
  • Local Drink to Try: Anker (beer). Bintang (beer). Kopi Luwak (coffee). Kopi Susu (sweetened coffee). Sekoteng (hot ginger). Teh Botol (sweet jasmine tea).  

Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Provinces, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Brigitte/Pixabay 

Fun Facts
  • In 1815, Mount Tambora erupted.
  • In 1883, Krakatoa Volcano erupted.
  • Has over 17,000 islands but only 6,000 are inhabited.
  • Historically, only virgin girls could perform the Legong Dance.
  • Is the world's largest island country. 
  • Supplies approximately 80% of the world's nutmeg.
  • The nutmeg tree is native to Maluku Island.
  • Sulawesi Island is home to Kopi Luwak (coffee), which is partially digested coffee cherries from a luwak (cat) faeces.
  • Most majority populuated Muslim country.
  • Kopi Luwak (coffee) is considered the most expensive in the world, averaging between $100-$600 a pound (around $35-$100 a cup).
  • Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid) is the highest peak.
  • Sunda Island was once linked to the Asia mainland.
  • Home to the world's largest lizard, Komodo Dragon on islands of Flores, Gili Motang, Komodo, and Rinca.
  • Exposed feet soles are not welcomed in public.
  • Lake Toba is the largest lake (Sumatra Island).
  • Early human remains "Java Man" dates back to around 1,000,000 years ago (Java Island).
  • A part of the Coral Triangle. 
  • Agricultural producers of cacao, coffee, palm oil, medicinal plants, rice, spices, and tea.
  • Has 127 active volcanoes.
  • Jatiluhur Dam helps to irrigate 590,000 acres of rice fields.
  • First developing country to operate a satellite system (Palapa).
  • Borobudur Temple is the largest Budahist temple in the world. 
  • Experiences approximately 4,000 earthquakes annually.
  • Natives known to worship ancestral spirits with beliefs they may inhabit forests, large trees, mountains, sacred sites, or stones.
  • Each province has their own traditional attire and dress. 
  • Badminton and football are the most popular sports played. 

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan (Pura Bratan), Bali, Indonesia. Photo Credit: DEZALB/Pixabay 

Special Holidays/Occasions
  • Annual Events: (January) Jember Fashion Carnaval, (February) Jakarta International Expo, (March) Indonesia Fair, Indonesia Fashion Week, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, JKT48 Single's Members Election, (April) Indo Defence Expo & Forum, Indonesia International Motor Show, Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival, Q! Film Festival, Tour de Lombok Mandalika, (May) Tour de Flores, (June) Bali Arts Festival, Jakarta Fair, Jakarta Great Sale Festival, Jakarnaval, (July) ARTJOG, Indonesia International Auto Show, Indonesian Movie Actors Awards, Solo Batik Carnival, Yadnya Kasada, (August) Art Jakarta, Jakarta International Literary Festival, Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran, Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival, We the Fest,(September) Indonesia International Book Fair, Tour de Singkarak, (October) Gandrung, Jakarta Fashion Week, Java Soulnation, Trade Expo Indonesia, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, (November) Anime Festival Asia, Indonesia Menari, Jogja International Heritage Walk, Mentawai Festival, Tour de Borobudur, (December) Djakarta Warehouse Project, Indonesian Film Festival, and Jakarta International Film Festival.
  • Holidays: New Year's Day, Chinese New Year, Day of Silence, Good Friday, Labour Day, Ascension Day, Buddha's Birthday, Pancasila Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day, Islamic New Year, Birthday of the Prophet, Ascension of the Prophet, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha.

Prambanan Temple (Rara Jonggrang), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Deny Sabri/Pixabay 

Good to Know
  • Has two seasons: Wet Season (November - April) and a Dry Season (May - October).
  • Sanitation conditions are considered below our standards.
  • One must carry their passport with them at all times.
  • Demonstrations are common, avoid them.
  • Credit Card fraud is common.
  • Cities are known to lack good air quality.
  • Medical care and treatment is considered below our standards. A cash payment could be required prior to care.
  • Most visited islands include: Bali Island, Java Island, Kalimantan Island, Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara), Sulawesi Island, and Sumatra Island.
  • Hiking should be registered and plans known to local authorities.
  • Never consume an unattended drink due to "drink spiking" known to cause illness and death.
  • Only Ambon and Bali have hyperbaric chambers.
  • Due to elevation with a slight breeze golf is best on Bali and Java Island.
  • Receive, eat, and give with your right hand.
  • Do not drink tap water.
  • Prevalent Diseases include: Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, and Zika Virus.
  • Humidity is high, averaging between 70%-80%.
  • Due to humidity mosquitos can be a problem.
  • Public transportation is commonly over crowded.
  • Java Island has the most population.
  • Avoid exploring at night.
  • Central Sulawesi and Papua require a government issued Travel Permit.
  • Best surfing islands Bali, Lombok, and Sumatra.
  • Be respectful and mindful to Muslim enforced Sharia Law.
  • Great beach locations are on islands: Bali, Gili, Java, Lombok, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara, and Sumatra.
  • Bali Island and Java Island have spectacular rice field views.
  • Point (not your index finger) using your right hand; your thumb with four fingers folded under is the recommended.

Bali, Indonesia. Photo Credit: moritzklassen/Pixabay 

This international destination requires:
  • A valid passport with six months of validity upon return and two blank pages for entry stamp.
  • Tourist VISA not required for visits under 30 days.
  • Currency Restrictions for Entry/Exit: $7,500USD.

Rice Terraces, Bali, Indonesia. Photo Credit:  Simon Bardet/Pixabay 

Monsoon Season is November - March. 
Subject to droughts, frequent earthquakes, high humidity, tsunamis, typhoons, volcano eruptions, and wildfires.

Padar Island, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Rina Agtiana/Pixabay 

  • Best Time to Visit: May - June & September
  • Coolest Month: January
  • Hottest Month: September 
  • Peak Season: July - September & December - January

Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Marjo Groenewegen/Pixabay 

Your Must-See & Do
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Borobudur Temple Compounds, Cultural Landscape of Bali Province: the Subak System as a Manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy, Komodo National Park, Komodo National Park, Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto, Prambanan Temple Compounds, Sangiran Early Man Site, Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, and Ujung Kulon National Park.

Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Tresia Hoban/Pixabay 

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