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Suriname Flag

Why visit Suriname?
Ideal for the outdoorsy experienced traveler seeking to enjoy birdwatching, botanical gardens, culture, diversity, ecotourism, fishing, guest ranches, hiking, horseback riding, jungle adventures, lakes, markets, national parks, rainforests, religious festivals, small game hunting, and wildlife.

At a Glance
  • Souvenirs to Buy: Batiks, handwoven baskets, varnished piranhas, necklaces, sarongs, and wood carvings.
  • Local Cuisine to Try: Bakabana (fritter). Bojo (cake). Javaanse Bami (noodles). Kapsalon (salad). Kip Saté (appetizer). Moksi Alesi (chicken dish). Nasi Goreng (fried rice). Pinda (peanut soup). Pom (chicken dish). Saoto (soup).  
  • Local Drink to Try: Gemberbier (soft drink). Orgeades (soft drink). Parbo (beer).

Fun Facts
  • Smallest sovereign state in South America.
  • Largest city is Paramaribo.
  • One of the least densely populated countries in the world.
  • Julianatop (Sipaliwini District) is the highest mountain.
  • Celebrate unique holidays: Indian, Javanese and Chinese arrival days.
  • On New Year's Eve, firecrackers (pagaras) with long ribbons are detonated at midnight.
  • One of only 2 countries on the mainland of South America that drive on the left.
  • Only 6 small airports are paved out of 55.
  • Brokopondo Reservoir os one of the largest man-made lakes in the world.
  • Education is mandatory until the age of 12.
  • Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge connects Paramaribo with Commewijne.

Special Holidays/Occasions
  • Annual Events: (February) Brazilian Carnival. (April) International Film Festival, (May) Avond Vierdaagse, (June) Fete de la Musique, (July) Staatsolie Swim Marathon, (August) Surinamese Chess Championship, (October) National Art Exhibition, Suriname Jazz Festival, (November) Srefidensi Marathon, Suriname Savanna Rally, (December) Pagara Estafette, and Surinamese Footballer of the Year.
  • Holidays: New Year's Day, Three Kings Day, World Religion Day, Chinese New Year, Holi, Good Friday, Easter, Labour Day, Ascension Day, Indian Arrival Day, Keti KotiJavanese Arrival Day, Indigenous People's Day, Day of the Maroons, Chinese Arrival Day, Diwali,  Independence Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Eid-ul-Adha.

Good to Know
  • Sanitary conditions are below western standards.
  • Not ideal for beach goers. Instead consider Aruba, Dutch Antilles or St Maarten.
  • Catamaran and Hobie Cat sailing off the coast near Paramaribo.
  • Golf and tennis are available in Paramaribo.
  • Avoid photographing bridges, ferries, government buildings, and military.
  • Keep receipts for Customs upon departure.
  • Internal flights are unreliable.
  • Crime is an issue.
  • Avoid traveling alone.
  • Outside of Paramaribo police presence is limited.
  • Very hot and wet tropical climate.
  • Avoid evening explorations.
  • Rainy Season is from April - August and November - February. 
  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve is their largest and most popular reserve.
  • Drive with your windows closed and doors locked.
  • Dry Seasons is from February - April and August - November.
  • Tourism industry is unevenly regulated.
  • Credit cards are not widely accepted.
  • Exchange currency at banks, hotels, and official exchange houses only.
  • Outside of major cities cell phone reception is unreliable.
  • Prevalent Diseases: Dengue and Malaria.
  • Has no emergency call boxes, lights, or service stations along roads.
  • Seat belts are mandatory.
  • Cell phone use while driving is illegal.
  • International Driver’s License is required.
  • Roads are poorly maintained.
  • Avoid motorcycles, public minibuses, or scooters.

This international destination requires:
  • A valid passport with six months of validity upon return and one blank page for entry stamp.
  • Tourist VISA required.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination required. 
  • Currency Restrictions for Entry/Exit: $10,000USD.

Subject to high temperatures and humidity.

  • Best Time to Visit: February - April & August - November
  • Coolest Month: January & February
  • Hottest Months: September & October
  • Peak Season: July - August, October & December

Your Must-See & Do
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Central Suriname Nature Reserve and Paramaribo.

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